“Thank you for making me feel so “at home” and comfortable.  I really felt safe and I rested well”
~ Kimberly

“The staff was totally awesome and very kind. You rock!”
~ Brian

“The room is very nice and the staff are very friendly”
~ Alatini

“The staff was knowledgeable and helpful in giving professional, outstanding treatment”
~ William

“Your staff was sweet and courteous the whole time I was here.  Thank you very much”
~ Jose

“The bed was comfortable to sleep on and the “hotel” arrangement was very nice! Thank you for your courteous service and making this a pleasant one”
~ Alexandria

“I just wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for allowing me to work at your heavenly sleep center. It really is such a breath of fresh air to work in such a peaceful environment with genuine, competent, and patient-care focused co-workers. Every patient I got to know and love, which makes the job all the more satisfying! I’m pretty sure that you couldn’t have a more superb staff. They are excellent trainers, quality care oriented, professional, and loving. You are an excellent judge of character, and you have trained them well. I am very sorry that I have to leave!”
~ Krystalee