MSLT Guide

You have been scheduled for an MSLT to evaluate your sleep disorder. Your study will begin at 8:45PM and may last through approximately 6 PM the next day. The first part of your study will be a routine testing throughout the night. Beginning at approximately 6 AM you will be tested during a series of naps throughout the day. Between these naps we will expect you to stay awake. You may bring items with you to do during these times. This is a specialized test; the following items must be followed in order to obtain the information needed. If for any reason any of these items are not followed, please contact us to reschedule your test.

  • Refrain from use of illicit or street drugs.
  • Please remain on your regular sleep schedule.
  • Please do not begin any new medications 30 days prior to your test, especially anti-depressant, stimulant or sedative medications (please call if you have any questions).
  • If you currently use a CPAP or BiPAP device please continue to use it
  • If you are using over the counter cold or respiratory medications including over the counter inhalers, please notify the staff
  • Make a list of your current medications
  • Fill out the sleep log 2 weeks prior to your study

Please call us if any of the above conditions can not be met so we can reschedule your appointment. If any of the above conditions can not be met and a test is done it will invalidate the results.