Frequently Asked Questions

What time do I come in for my sleep study?

Please come in at 8:00 pm and no later than 8:30 pm

What time is the study done?

You will be able to leave around 6:00 am the next day

What do I wear?

Please wear comfortable sleeping clothes and also dress appropriately (i.e. Shirts, Shorts, and Pajamas.  No Night Gowns)

What do I bring with me?

Please bring your insurance card(s), id (there should be two forms of identification your insurance card counts as one).  Please also bring your completed sleep history questionnaire form, consent form, registration form, HIPPA privacy notice and the financial policy if you have received it in the mail or email to the sleep study.

Do I need to bring my medication?

Please bring all of your medications including sleeping pills.  Please also inform the technician of the medicine that you are taking

Can I wear nail polish?

Please remove all acrylic/gel nails, nail polish, and any artificial hairpiece.

What about my facial hair (beard)?

We would prefer if your shave your facial hair/beard before coming in for your sleep study.

Can I eat dinner and shower at the sleep lab?

Please shower and eat dinner before your sleep study.

Would drinking caffeine interfere with the sleep study?

Yes, please don’t drink anything with caffeine after 12 noon on the day of your sleep study

When is my co-pay due?

Your co-pay is due at the time the services are rendered upon check in to the lab (if it is applicable).

What if I have to cancel the appointment?

Please call us two days prior to the sleep study at (808) 456-7378 for Oahu or (808) 969-7378 for Big Island and Kona.  We do have a $100 cancellation fee if you reschedule or cancel within less than 48 hours.

What if I can’t sleep?

Most patients are surprised at how little the electrodes interfere with their sleep.  The equipment is designed to be slept with.  If you are still concerned that you will not be able to sleep at night please ask your doctor for a sleeping pill for the night.

Will I be able to move during the night?

Yes.  The electrodes are held firmly in place by a special compound and are taped down.

Can I get out of bed during the night?

Yes.  You can inform the technicians via intercom when you would like to get up.

How long does it take for my doctor to get the results?

It usually takes less than 3 working days after the test for your referring physician to receive the reports

Can I bring electronics with me?

Yes, but since this is a sleep test we ask patients to not use these devices after “lights out.”

Can I bring someone else with me?

Yes, if you need assistance but the person would need to sleep on a recliner or a chair in your room, not in the same bed.  Please call in advance to let us know

Do you have Wi Fi?

No, we do not have Wi Fi, since it will interfere with the sleep study recording

Do you provide sleeping medication for the night of the sleep study?

No, We do not provide sleep medication for the night of the sleep study