EEG Guide

The EEG is a painless noninvasive test that checks the electrical activity of the brain. An array of about 20 electrodes will be attached to the head with a lightwater-soluble paste, which will be rinsed out after the test. Normal shampoo will remove any residual paste. The EEG can take from one to two hours.

  • Please have clean, dry hair with no added oils, gels, hairspray or other fixatives and no weaves, wraps, braids, or other attached hairpieces.
  • You can eat before the test, but please do not drink caffeine on the day of the test. Please don’t drink coffee, colas, or other caffeinated products.
  • Please do not take nicotine prior to your appointment.
  • If your Doctor requests a sleep deprived EEG – please do not get more than 4-5 hours of sleep prior to the EEG. Please stay up late the night before and get up early in the morning.
  • Please take your prescribed medications as directed by your Doctor. Do not take any additional over the counter medications within 12 hours of the test. Do not take a sleeping aid the night before the EEG. Bring a list of your current medications with you.

Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

If you cannot keep your appointment, please call us at:

  • 456 – REST (7378) for Oahu
  • 969 – REST (7378) for Big Island